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December 16, 2016




Hashtag spam is bad, mmk? Well, thats not completely true, it depends on what social media platform you post on. How do we find out what works and what doesn't? Research of course! Here you'll find information, tools, and examples to target the right audience.

Each section has example pictures, along with helpful links

Tom Early

About the Author: Born and Raised in San Antonio, Texas. Loves art, nature and Data-centers.

What is a Hashtag and How Does it Work?

A hastag is the # symbol.

When you write a post and place this symbol with a word next to it, #horses, your post gets put into a database along side other posts that use #horses. When someone searches for #horses on Twitter, or Google, yours and other posts will show up! Its also worth mentioning that hashtags are not case sensitive, meaning lower and uppercase letters don't matter.

Hashtags Live and Die by the People.

They can be created by anyone.

This means two things: One - there are universally used hashtags with long-time, loyal, followers; Two - hashtags can also trend today and be forgotten tomorrow. Discovering which works best for your post is the ultimate goal to interacting with these Online communities.

Whats a Good Example of Using Hashtags?

Lets say you are on vacation in the Rocky Mountains. You wake up, step outside into the early morning snow, and sip your coffee. The landscape around you is full of natural splendor brought to you by mother nature. Which one of these Tweets will be more successful?

If you Picked Post number 2, you are correct.

This might seem obvious, but its always a good idea to do research on what category your posting to. The Good post will be placed in the #vacation category, and people who also love the Rocky Mountains might hit the like button and/or start following you. The bad post will be placed in the #quotestoliveby category and be largely ignored.

Thats Pretty much hashtags In a nutshell. Want more information?

Check out the links ->

Twitter Hashtag Guide lines

A good rule of thumb here is to compare your tweets to others, and use 1 or 2 hashtags, 3 at the most. hashtag spam has proven to decrease your exposure in all categories. Its also not attractive, and you'll find it hard to keep followers.

Who’s Your Audience?

My English teacher taught me to write for my target audience. Are you talking to your best friend, or giving a TED talk? You may write down words, but others can still hear a voice when they read your tweet. Even though you aren't writing a book or a speech, the same applies to using twitter and plugging in hashtags. Who do you want to see the tweet? Business owners? People who like puppies? People who like rock music? Appeal to your audience.

How do You Find Good Twitter hashtags?

Write out your tweet, come up with 4 words to describe it, then run those words through a trend data-gathering website like

Find the hashtags that are popular and have a good following . Make sure it relates to the 4 words you picked from earlier.


I wrote an article called, "The Linux Foundation and the Future of Small Business" and now im getting ready to tweet it out to my followers. I want to inform small business owners about the Linux Foundation, what it is, and why its important.

1) What i want to tweet:

Why Small Business Owners Love the Linux Foundation.

2) My Descriptive Words:

Small Business, Business, Linux, Tech


Research Shows me that #SmallBusiness and #Business will give me the best results.

4) Post

Google Plus Hashtag Guide lines

yes, the Google plus community is thriving and Google has introduced new features called "Collections", to bring in more community engagement.

 Before you start posting articles and using hashtags, join some of the communities that pertain to your interests. You can post and comment inside these groups for even more exposure. Talking with people is the best way to get noticed!

Last but not least, your posts will show up in search engine results, I've seen it happen. Take this into consideration when investing your time in other forms of social media.

How do Hashtags Work in Google Plus?

Google makes it incredibly easy for you to post content. Write out a couple of sentences and you may notice that hashtags are generated for you! This may not work all the time, so its still a good idea to do a research on what tags you need. Other then that, Google's hashtags works the same as any other platform If you missed the part of the article where i explained how they work, you can click here

How do You Find Good Google hashtags?

Start out searching through all the various communities and Google Trends. You can search for hashtags or normal terms. If you're looking for exposure, find some topics you can relate to and write a post targeting that community.

Google Plus Example Posts

If you have been reading this article from the very start, i hope you have a general idea of what a post should look like. These are real posts, clicking on the picture will open a link.

Find the Right Instagram Hashtags

Instagram limits you to 30 hashtags, and feel free to use them all! Go crazy.

You still want relevant tags, just be aware that popular hashtags are going to be over-run with pictures. Research both popular and new tags to get the most exposure.

What Hashtags do I Use?

Describe your photo in 30 words or less.

Looking at the photo, what words come to mind? Use this list to help you come up with ideas.

Colors - #Rainbow, #Blue, #RobinsEggBlue

Emotions - #Excited, #Happy, #Cantstopwontstop

Products or Brands - #Apple, #Coke, #Goosebumps

Smells - #Sweet, #Comforting, #Baking

Sounds - #Jam, #Radio, #Barking

Physical Feelings - #Ouch, #Feelsgood, #Hurtsogood

Reminders of the past - #90s, #VHS, #Savedbythebell

Animals - #Corgi, #MybestFriend, #Savethebees

Taste - #Addicting, #Getinmytummy, #Pecanpie

Sight - #Nature, #Landscapes, #City

Find Popular and Unpopular Hashtags

Cross reference your list with This website has a top 1000 list of hashtags , plus a search bar. There are other sites that list top Instagram tags, and i've included them at the end of this part, but this one is quick and easy.

Instagram Example Posts

The Facebook Hashtag Guide

After reading different guides and articles, facebook is a gray area. Some people say don't waste your time using them, others say its a workable system. At this point i ran a couple of tests over the last couple weeks. Take this with a grain of salt, more research will be posted soon.

I set up various posts with different content about honey bees. Here are the results.

Testing Facebook Hashtags

#urbanbee #urbanbeekeeping #beekeeping #bee #honeybee #savethebees #protectthebees #satx #texascountry #texas #SanAntonio

A More in-depth view on the recent news surrounding bees now listed on the Endangered Wildlife #bees #sanantonio

#sanantonio #satx

How do You Find Good Facebook Hashtags?

I gathered popular hashtags from other social media platforms and used them for my Facebook posts. as you can see, for a local beekeeper, i did better then i expected.

Give a try, you'll find plenty of hashtags to add to your post.

Facebook Hashtag Bottom Line

A picture with lots of hashtags seems to do really well and was consistent in views.

An article doesn't necessarily need hashtags to trend, but there needs to be more research.

About the Author: Born and Raised in San Antonio, Texas. Loves art, nature and Data-centers.

Tom Early

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